Gold Dew Gardens


The Hummingbird Garden

Outer Richmond, San Francisco, 2019

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A secluded private garden in the west of San Francisco, divided into visually distinct microclimate sections – a backdrop of Camellias and Azaleas accentuated by Geraniums, Heucheras, Morning Glory and CA native California Poppy, Seaside Daisy and Douglas Iris in the center of the garden; a Japanese Aralia, Bear’s Breech and other perennial shrubs in the shady part of the garden; a collection of ferns under the Red-Leaf Japanese Maple; and a vibrant selection of more Hummingbird and pollinator favorites like Fuchsia, Hebe, Sage, Lavender, and CA native Ceanothus and Sticky Monkey Flower on the warm sunny side.

Garden Design

Irrigation Design

The garden - two years later

The garden - after planting

Retaining wall installation