Gold Dew Gardens


San Francisco Botanical Garden Library Courtyard (2019)

The The Friends & Family Courtyard of the San Francisco Botanical Garden was a designed as a project for the Landscape Design class at the CCSF Department of Horticulture, per the request of the director of the Botanical Garden.

Presentation Plan

The Friends & Family Courtyard behind the Botanical Library is a cozy and welcoming space enclosed by a low limestone wall, and filled with colorful familiar plants, which many of the visitors grow in their gardens. These hardy low-maintenance specimen – Lavender, Sage, Rock Rose, California Lilac, Hebe, Butterfly Bush, Camelia, Fuchsia, Tibouchina, and many succulents – feel like old friends, and add to the comfortable atmosphere of this garden. The color palette of playful pink and purple hues, spiced up by sprinkles of orange and yellow California Poppies, brings a smile to every face, and is especially enticing for children, who can pick the flowers in this perennial garden all year round.

Planting Plan