Gold Dew Gardens


About the Garden Design Process

The creative process of designing a garden involves both on-site and off-site work, and consists of the following steps:

  1. Initial Visit and Site Survey (1 to 2 hours)
    During our first visit, we find out how you would like your garden to look, and how you plan to use it. We then assess soil and light conditions, as well as local microclimate, and take detailed measurements and photographs to be used for garden design and irrigation plans. The fee for the site survey and estimate is due at the end of the visit.
  1. Garden Design and Installation Estimate (2 to 3 hours)
    We create a detailed estimate which includes the design fee, prices for plants and materials, and estimated labor hours, as well as an approximate timeframe for the entire project. Once you approve the estimate and pay half of the garden design fee, we begin the design process.
  1. Garden Design
    • Plants & materials selection (4 to 6 hours)
      We research and select the most appropriate plants and materials for your garden, and send you a list with plant descriptions for review. Your feedback is used to create a final plant list.
    • Initial design (4 to 10 hours)
      Our designer creates the first draft of the garden plan using the selected plants and materials. After you review the design, plants and hardscape, the final design is created.
    • Final design (2 to 10 hours)
      Your comments are incorporated into the design, and a final 8.5×11″ or 11×14” version of the garden plan is created. An optional 18×24” garden plan with personalized garden description and plant photos is available.
    • Design presentation (1 hour)
      We present the final garden design and make any necessary last-minute changes. Second half of garden design fee is due. After the design is finalized, we select the date on which we will begin the installation of the garden.
  1. Garden installation Installation involves multiple steps – existing plant removal, soil preparation, pick-up and delivery of plants and materials, hardscape installation, planting, mulching, irrigation installation and lighting installation. Before starting the project, we collect the fee for plants, materials, irrigation and lighting supplies, as well as pick-up and delivery fees. Labor is charged by the hour and is billed on weekly basis.
  1. Garden maintenance After the garden has been planted, we provide regular maintenance (weekly, biweekly, or monthly) which includes weeding, pruning & trimming, mulching & fertilization, irrigation adjustments, and new plantings.
Please, contact us if you have any questions about the design process.